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Training builds better behavior. A trained dog is welcome places where poorly behaved dogs are excluded. A trained dog can go camping and hiking and can participate in dog sports and activities, volunteer as a therapy dog, or just be a loyal companion. A trained dog is a joy instead of a pain in the neck. The joys and benefits of training are numerous and far outweigh the time spent doing it.

Training requires consistency, motivation and timing. The main thing most people do not realize is that the training is for the owner as well as the dog. Dogs cannot think like we do, but we can surely think like them we just need to learn how. Dogs are pack animals, and in their pack there is always a leader - the alpha. We just need to understand how to become an alpha. Communication is the key.

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Training Program

We offer in-home dog training for any age, size, and personality of dog. We offer solutions for aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, hyper dogs, pulling on leash, disobedience, barking, chewing, potty training and everything else dogs do.

Since every dog is different, each of our training sessions are different and accommodated to what you and your dog need. Our unique sessions offer one-on-one work with you in your home or in the field with a trainer.

The goal is to show you how to take control and make training a part of you and your dog's relationship. I don't just want to train your dog, I want to train you too. You need to understand your dog's behavior and how to change unwanted behavior into desired behavior. Simply put a well-trained dog is a joy to be around and strengthens the human-animal bond. We choose to work with you on a 1-to-1 basis.

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Training Session Rate: $60 per hour

Available Training

  • New Pup/Dog Owner Consulting
  • Temperament Testing
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Puppy Training
  • Socialization
  • Leash Training
  • Off-Lead Training
  • Board and Train
  • Hunt Training (pointing, tracking, retrieving, scent conditioning)
  • And More!

Training Album